Water Lemons and Just Hanging Out

Jared's finished with his finals, and he aced them all! First year of med school--dominated. In celebration, we went boogie boarding with some friends at a secret beach and snagged some delicious water lemons from Leo the Fruit Stand Man on our way home. Water lemons are my new favorite Grenadian fruit. It seems like I develop a new new favorite fruit every month or two. It's so cool to be trying new and delicious foods all the time here. That's definitely something I'll miss when we're done with Grenada.

Water lemons are so yum. When Jared's family came to visit last month, we went for a tour around the island, and our taxi driver bought us a bag of them. The inside texture is like passion fruit--seedy and slimy. But instead of the sour taste of passion fruit, it's extremely sweet. I like to tear off a chunk of the thick outer layer and just suck out everything from the inside. There' nothing better.

Now that Jared's term is officially over, we've had lots of time to play. This morning we went on a hike to Concord Falls with a bunch of friends, this afternoon I played with some new hairstyles while Jared vegged out with a well-deserved computer game sesh, and this evening we ate authentic German food at the Schnitzel Haus with friends and watched hilarious YouTube vids that probably aren't at all funny unless it's late at night and you're hyped up on fro-yo. Ah, life with my husband back is prettttty great.


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