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Our power was off and on for most of yesterday evening, and then around 2:00 in the morning it went out for good. Seventeen hours later it's only just come back on again, so I'm going to bust this post out before we're thrust back into another evening of darkness. Thanks for this experience, Grenada! (And also the experience last night when I got out of the shower and my towel was covered in tiny sugar ants that all started biting my flesh at once. Oh, silly Grenada!)

I've been hoping all day to be able to do a post about the two most important ladies in my life: my mother, and my mother-in-law. Here are some pictures from their younger days, because they were the first pictures I could nab off of Facebook, and also because, well, look at these bombshells!
Without these two ladies, I would have no floral dresses and the most boring hairstyles.

Kidding. Kind of.

My mom is a babe. She has great fashion sense, and the best sense of humor. She and my dad have the driest humors ever, and she can always get me to crack a smile. She's a nurse, and has always stressed the importance of education. She's the first person I would go crying to at night when life seemed hard, and she'd give me a hug and tell me, "You're just like me--go to bed and it will all seem better in the morning!" My mom knows how to do Sunday dinner. This is something that I think she got from her mother, my grandmother, who is another of the most important ladies in my life. My mother and grandmother are so classy, always bringing out the nice china for Sunday and filling our plates with pot roast and potatoes. Sure beats our mother's day dinner of chicken nuggets (the universe's mother's day gift to me was that the power outage thawed out all the food in our freezer, so it only took 2 minutes to nuke the nuggets instead of 4!)

My mother-in-law also is a babe. Today one of our friends asked Jared in the car as we were driving home from church, "Jared, what's your mom like?" And in his most -5-year-old-esque voice he could put on, Jared said, "Aww, I wuv my mom!" And then our friend gave him a weird look so he switched back to his 27-year-old voice and said, "My mom is the coolest. She always makes me feel happy and she would always do way rad things, like skiing and running and playing the guitar." These things are all true. She belongs to an "adventure club" that goes out once a week and does ropes courses and bike rides and stuff. It's awesome. I'll never forget the first time I met Jared's mom: she immediately gave me a hug and said that she hardly knew me, but she loved me already, and I immediately felt the same way about her. Moms are so great. The have this supernatural ability to spread happiness and love around like nutella on toast.

Eek, I just heard some electric-ish crackling so I'll wrap up. I'm just so grateful for mothers, and especially my mothers, and their mothers, and so on. I'm so excited for when we have children of our own and we can carry on some of the traditions and lessons that we learned from our wonderful mothers.

Ok, I think I've said the word "mother" about 50 times in this post, even though in real life I'd probably just say "mom" or "mama" or "mamacita." I'm feeling weird about it, but no time for revision. Just one final "Happy Mothers' Day!!"

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