Grenada Bucket List

This past weekend, Jared and I took an afternoon break at Pandy beach. Mostly we just collected pretty shells and sea glass, but it got me thinking, "I've been wanting to visit this beach since we moved to Grenada eight months ago, and we're only just now getting to it. What else have we not done yet?"

I've never been much of a bucket list person, but my friend Ashley made a bucket list last year of all the things she wanted to do before she turned 23, and lo and behold, because of the list she did most of those things! Go figure! So basically, I'm gonna hop on board the bucket list train in hopes that I won't leave this beautiful island for good next May with any regrets about missed opportunities. I'll do my best to blog about each of these entries as I cross them off the list. I'm sure I'll add a few things in the future, because I know I've left a few things out.


1. See the leatherback sea turtles (mamas and babies). These largest turtles in the world come to the north side of the island in May to lay their eggs, and then the eggs hatch in June and you can watch the babies scramble into the sea.
2. Feed a Mona monkey. It's kind of an intense jungle drive to get to the monkeys, which is why I haven't seen any yet, but I'm dying to.
3. Visit the petting zoo. I've heard there's a little petting zoo somewhere on the island, complete with armadillos and possums and goats and other goodies. Although, Jared and I did find a dead possum in the gutter across the street from our house yesterday, so I could maybe count that...
4. Slide Mt. Carmel Falls. This is a massive natural water slide that I NEED to experience.
5. Do a whale- and dolphin-watching tour.
6. Learn how to cook lobster, and then do it.
7. Volunteer at the orphanage. I've enjoyed volunteering at the home for people with disabilities and at a Grenadian after-school program in the past, but I haven't visited the orphanage yet.
8. Go hashing. This is, like, a big thing here. You go on a hike/race through the jungle, following clues to get to your destination. Then there's a giant beer party afterward or something, so I'm sure there will be some excellent people watching to be had.
9. Eat at the Aquarium restaurant. This is not an actual aquarium, but it is an actual fancy restaurant.
10. Swim at the Radisson hotel pool. Apparently the Radisson hotel here has a super legit pool on the beach that we can visit once in a while as long as we buy some food while we're there.
11. Go boogie boarding at Levera Beach. This beach is on the north side of the island, where the sea turtles are. It's on the Atlantic Ocean side, so the wives are bigger than they are here in the south.
12. Try the smoothies and wings at Fort Matthews bar. This place has the best view on the island and the coolest Caribbean feel. Also, bats. And probably rats. We'll try to stay away from thats.
13. Visit the stadium. Did you know there's a legit stadium here? It holds events, like the Grenadian Independence Day celebration and cricket games.
14. Hike Mount Qua Qua
15. Hike to all of the 7 Sisters waterfalls
16. Get scuba certified? If there's any one thing on this list that might not happen, it's this one. Jared's already certified, and I'm not sure I want to do a bunch of dives alone to get certified myself. I'll try to round up some other med school widows to do it with me, though.
17. Bet on the crab races at Mt. Cinnamon. It costs $2 EC (.75 US) to place a bet. What can I say, I'm going for broke here.
18. Bury treasure. Jared had the brilliant idea to bury some treasure here and make a map, so our children can come dig it up some day.
19. Build one blanket fort to rule them all. We built a blanket fort on our veranda last week, but it was fairly wussy. We'll go big next time.
20. Visit Carriacou. This is Grenada's beyond amazing sister island. The beaches are even more beautiful there, and you can swim with sea turtles, so...
21. See the sail boat regatta. This is a giant sail boat race that happens once a year. It starts in Europe and ends in Grenada. A few months ago we saw lots of boats pulling into Grand Anse beach from a distance, but next time I want to get close.
22. Visit the spice plantation
23. Buy fish at the fresh fish market
24. Eat Grenadian food at Patrick's restaurant
25. Have a picnic and fly kites at Golf Course park
26. Convince Jared to go night swimming. I've done this once on Grand Anse beach with some friends and the water was so calm and beautiful. Jared's chicken, but there's literally nothing to be afraid of in the water here, and also no seaweed or anything. It's the best.
27. Go to Savvy's on Friday night for a bonfire, steel drums, and dancing
28. Attend an on-the-ocean dinghy concert


  1. All of these sound fantastic!! I'm excited to hear about all your super cool extra adventurous adventures!! :)

  2. what a FABULOUS bucket list - your life is full of so many adventurous things to do! i love bucket lists because i always have a list of cool ideas whenever i am struggling to come up with one.

  3. ohmygoodness can I come bucket list with you? Mine is about to end in a week, so I would really like to just hop on yours because it looks SO FREAKING FUN! Do EVERYTHING and blog about it so I can live vicariously through you :)



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