Aren't mothers-in-law swell?

This is a short I-have-a-work-deadline-in-one-hour-but-I'd-really-rather-blog procrastination break.

Mothers-in-law are so great. It's like, "Sweet, a bonus mom!" And moms are just the best to begin with, so if I'm going to have a bonus anything, I'd say a bonus mom is a pretty good thing to have. Am I right? Anyway, a few reasons why my bonus mom is super rad.

Exhibit A: She gave me this guy:
^^This is the hidden pathway to the secret beach right around the corner from our house

Exhibit B: She wins at birthday presents. See sunglasses below:
(p.s. It's not my birthday--my birthday is in May, but when you live on a remote island without much of an ability to send or receive packages, you take birthday celebrations whenever they can come. A month early, when husband's family happens to be in town? Sure! A month late, when you're back in the states with your family? Of course! Three celebrations for me this year. I'm one lucky lady.)

Exhibit C: She always posts the coolest hairstyle videos to my Facebook page. This is extra special, because usually the only things that show up there are birthday greetings and awkward pictures that Grenada ladies tag me in, in which I am 100% of the time makeup-less and with hair like a cave-woman. (Oh, you haven't noticed those? Whoops, someone must have accidentally untagged me.) 

Ok, so I actually have some pictures of times when I followed said hair tutorials and they worked out swimmingly, but in this post I want to show you the fails. 

Fail #1: Wrap-around ponytail. This probably would have been cool, and it kind of was, but my ponytails in Grenada look like actual, literal, gnarly pony's tails, so I finished it off with a braid and it wasn't nearly as beautiful as the video promised me it would be. I'll try this one again laters:

Fail #2: This is actually my favorite thing. The video shows a really cool knotted ponytail, as is seen on the left. In real life, I had Jared do it for me, and he was acting all proud of himself as he was doing it because he thought he was doing such an awesome job, and then when he was done it looked like the picture on the right. It was the best. Knotted ponytail for sure.

Oh! And this has nothing to do with any of the above, but the other day Jared and I went on a walk to the tide pools, and randomly we turned around and saw this massive black pit bull digging out from under the fence of a nearby yard, and next thing we know it was sprinting at us! So we ran to the tip of the tide pools, where we were completely cornered and had no options for escape, but right as things started to get real scary, the dog's owner saw him and called him back. Good thing, too. I was about read to drop my camera and jump into the ocean.
^^If you squint, you can see a dog politely walking away.

Ok, back to work! Next time I'll share some success stories.



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