Something I was really excited for before we moved to Grenada was the knowledge that I would in essence have two open years for developing old and new hobbies. I anticipated that I would spend a lot of time writing and blogging (those two sound like the same thing, but they're not) and exercising. Surprisingly, the time I spent doing all three of those things dropped significantly when we moved here. Instead I've been taking care of Mr. Jared and editing and looking longingly at pretty clothes on the internet (life without a mall is haaaaaaaard [#thirdworldproblems]), but the greatest portion of my time and energy has been spent simply adjusting. 

Now that I've adjusted completely, I'm seeing lots more time open for hobbies, and lemmetellya, it's been pretty awesome. However, they aren't the hobbies I'd thought they would be. Instead of writing and running (both of which I have been picking up again), I'm finding myself making up hairstyles and, just this last week, learning how to shoot in manual on my camera. Jared and I have been going on walks almost nightly (well, eveningly). The lighting's usually really pretty during these walks, if a bit dark, so much to Jared's dismay they've become eveningly photo walks.
So anyway, you might be seeing lots of weird/abstract pictures in the next few blog posts, like the one above of the "Cuba House" fence around the corner from us. Long live Cuban fences.


  1. shooting manual is the only way to go!

    1. Seriously! I feel like I've wasted a whole year having this nice camera and not even using it right. I guess I just thought it would be really hard to learn to shoot manual, but it's actually been surprising simple.



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