A Few of My Favorite Things (Grenada Edition)

₪ Tropical rainstorms with lots of thunder (as long as I didn't just hang my clothes out on the line to dry). I wish I had been able to catch some thunder in the above video. The clouds hang really low to the ground here and the thunder shakes the house. The rain alone on our tin roof is loud enough that the first time we heard it, we thought the whole island was flooding and about to sink into the ocean. Probably because of the sinfulness of the people who were taking so long to set up our internet.

₪ Mornings when the loud rain wakes us while it's still dark outside. Without fail, such mornings call for a lit candle, waffles in bed, and a cartoon or two together before Jared hits the books.

₪ Our best friend who walks us home and protects us on our sketchy road after it gets dark. This best friend has four legs and wags her tail when she sees us get off the bus. Also she might have fleas.

₪ The ten-year-old local boy who stands by the roundabout and scolds Jared for holding hands with "my wife" as he follows us home from church. When I'm alone, he professes his love for me every time I walk by. I'm pretty sure he's learning how to work the Americans and make money for it someday, but for now it's mostly just harmless and cute (but also 25% creepy).

₪ Gummy vitamins for lunch.

₪ When I get to the grocery store right after the ship comes in to restock so I can buy important items like milk and eggs and brownie mixes and Jared's favorite Tostitos lime tortilla chips.

₪ Fresh spices. Fresh coconut water. Fresh pineapples.

Dear American Pineapples,

You think you are cool but you have no personality.

The Island Pineapples

Dear American Pineapples,

I'm sorry that the Island Pineapples are hurtful (really, those spiky leaves are merciless) and rude. Unfortunately though, they are famous for their honesty. I still think you taste pretty good though.



  1. Lauraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you're so wonderful!!!!

  2. Sounds like so much awesome (and creepy) fun!

    1. Ha! I honestly did not even realize that most of this post has creepy undertones until I saw your comment and just read through it again. My life . . .



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