Grand Anse Beach Day

On Saturday, Jared and I went to the Significant Others Beach Social at the lovely Grand Anse beach. Grand Anse is often listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and there's no question why. The clear turquoise water, the perfect white sand, the refreshing but not-too-cold sea temperature, the beautiful views . . . you just can't go wrong with an afternoon at Grand Anse beach.

I only got Jared to come by telling him there would be free pasta dinner. He wasn't tempted by the free tube rides or the socializing in the water, although I'm sure if I had brought his swim suit with me I could have talked him into it and he would have enjoyed it. The man takes his schooling so seriously that I think he sometimes forgets that he lives in an island paradise. Good thing he has me around to remind him.

Once we had eaten our pasta dinner, we both enjoyed talking to friends and laughing in the sun. And the tube rides? So great. It was all the thrill of tubing on Utah lake, but with clean sea salt water tickling our faces and without the constant fear of flying painfully into the water. Jared left early to go back to the library, but I know we both enjoyed the little Saturday afternoon study break.
^^Never without his backpack, that guy! Jared is such a committed studier that one time he was arrested for studying too long in the library, and then he had to fight a year's worth of court battles because of it. And that is the 100% true story of our first year of marriage. We lead exciting lives.


  1. I love your fishtail braid!! And I'm semi-surprised that Jared doesn't look like a zombie...just kidding, you're doing great Jared! I'm proud of both of you!

  2. Whatttt?! Haha that's crazy. I feel like I've heard about that, but I don't quite remember the story. That's a good habit to have though! No fun for you as a wife, but it's a good thing to be driven haha :)

  3. You are lucky to have such a dedicated, studious husband!

    The Morrell Tale

  4. And YAY for first year of marriage. Girl, you two are amazing.

  5. Can you make a video of how you fishtail braid so good? I am so terrible at it. Also-Jared needs to remember to relax like at least once a month. My brother is in law school, so I know how much studying is involved. And good for him for being so committed.

    1. Yes! I'm not an expert at all, but I can sure try to show you what I do know.

      Ya, Jared could probably chill out a little here. Luckily, the further into the semester he's getting, the more he's been relaxing. I think he's getting into the routine and understanding that he'll still pass his classes if he takes some breaks. Thank goodness! This weekend we'll be taking a beach day at Hog Island and watching some movies :)

    2. Good. You need your husband around once in a while! Hahaha. And seriously. Make a video!!!



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