Reasons I'm Excited to Get a Dryer Next Year

Reason #1:
Reason #2:
Hanging clothes out to dry is like washing your car: it always rains right after you 
finally decide to do it. (At least we have a covered porch so the damage is minimal)

Reason #3:
Similar to reason #1. Sometimes I'll go out to collect our dry laundry after dinner when it's just getting dark, and I'll find cockroaches and other strange creatures weaving in and out of the beach towels. It's like a not-for-profit insect ballet.

Reason #4:
It's 90% humidity here most of the time. Thus, even when our clothes have "dried," they'll always remain a little damp when they come off the line.

Reason #5:
The crusty factor. Doesn't matter if I add fabric softener; air-dried socks are just crunchy.
(And also a little damp. I don't understand how it works either.)
Despite the cons of drying clothes on a line, I'm glad to be doing it. Like living without a dishwasher and not having a car, it's giving me some fun memories and making it so I'll be that much more grateful for the luxuries we'll have back in our life when we return to America.


  1. omg! that bug though! "a not-for-profit insect ballet" hahaha. you are awesome.

    - leah

  2. On the plus side, your laundry looks very picturesque. I would also like you to know that my grandma still hangs her clothes out in the summer! So stay classy my friend!

  3. ohhhh crunchy clothing. :) We had a dryer, but never used it because it heated up the apartment by about 128390213 degrees and it cost us $78349279834 dollars a month in electricity. :) Island living at it's finest!

    1. Gotta love the island quirks! I know we'll look back and smile on them, so I'm trying to smile while we're here, too :) We'll be moving into an apartment in January that has a dryer! The washer and dryer are in their own separate room away from the rest of the apartment, but we've heard that it can like you said be really expensive. I'm thinking that if I dry our clothes most of the way on the line and then throw them into the dryer for just two minutes at the end, maybe they won't be crunchy? I'm excited to try it out!

  4. "Not for profit insect ballet" Had me laughing like a buffoon in work. Hahahaha. I'm still laughing about it.

  5. SO JEALOUS. your life is amazing. and YES! your memories are going to be amazing. i think everyone should experience not having all the stuff america has at least once in their life, so they can realize that they can be happy without all the gadgets and technology! i mean it's nice to have a dishwasher, washer/dryer, etc., but it's also nice to realize that life is exactly the same happiness level without all of the things, ya know?

    1. So true! I know I'll forever be glad we wound up here for two years rather than a much more comfortable state-side location. Nobody here has any of those luxuries, and they are just as happy, if not more so. Also, I know I will be a much more grateful person when we return to our regular American comforts, and I won't take things for granted nearly as much as I used to.



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