Giveaway Winner

Oh hey friends! Thank you for entering the giveaway--like I said, this was the fulfillment of a 4-year-long blog dream, and I'm so happy that you all participated. I wish I could just tuck you all into a suitcase and bring you with me to our soon-to-be island home! At least I can keep reading about what you're all up to. I know at least one of you will be updating me with news of wearing cute collar necklaces, enjoying the best candle in the world, and slathering chocolate lotion all over yourself. And with that, here is our winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dottie, I'll send you an email so that you can get me your address and I can send you your package full of fabulous!


  1. You've torally inspires me to do my own giveaway!!!

    1. Yes, do it! It's such a great way to meet new blog friends (i.e. you!). I wish I had done it earlier. Also, you must do it before August so I can win :)

  2. I thought for sure I was going to win! I did all five entries!! But I guess I won what is most important in the end. Your friendship <3 (Cheesy...hahaha).

  3. Oh my gosh I will most definitely be enjoying that candle. Like, so so so so so so so much. I'm so excited!! Thanks for doing this Laura! :)

  4. Darn I wish I would've seen this earlier so I could have entered!! So cute!!



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