Reasons Laura sometimes loves camping:
-Fatty good camp food.
-'mpressive dirt tan lines. (Am I right??)
-Showering is frowned upon.
-Lack of phone. Lack of people. (Don't worry, I still like you.)
-Relieving waters in the woods. It's so rustic. Like burlap. Or like squirrels. 

Reasons Jared sometimes doesn't love camping:
-Swarms of tiny flesh-eating monsters.
-The feeling of his skin when he doesn't shower every 24 hours makes him uncomfortable.
-Usually he strains his back and loses mobility for several weeks. Buuut really.
-If camping is really that cool, why was the bed invented?
-Possibility of parasites hiding in water supply.

p.s. Don't be concerned if I all of a sudden decided to start following, oh, ALL of y'all's blogs! 
I am legitimately concerned about drowning in lonely friendlessness when we move to our little island and I lose my husband to med school. I'm going to try to make and keep lots of great  blog friendships when we move, because this blogosphere will be one of the only constants between my two worlds. So comment up! I really do want to be friends!

Not to be melodramatic or anything :)

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  1. Super cute! I hope all is going well for you guys!



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