Oh, hi.

 Lunch date at Pike Market
Gum wall--and I'm never chopping my bangs ever again.
His baby

I'm not happy to be back to real life.

But there are a couple of really great things about today:

1) Last first day of school. Give me four more months and I'll give you a degree that I might never use. But hey, it's been fun. At least the editing minor will come in handy.

2) Jared packed me pistachios, candy, and cheese for lunch.

3) Six month anniversary. Marriage has done our lonely souls a lot of good. And our homely faces, too.


  1. Last first day of school!! Congratulations!!! (:

  2. Also I like your watermelon nails!

  3. Oh, Dottie! Thanks for noticing! :)

  4. Thanks Hannah--let's be honest, it's the never ending cycle. Grow bangs out, want a change, chop the bangs, enjoy the bangs, hate the upkeep, repeat. I'm sure they'll be back :)



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