Washington Fun

I had some disturbingly in-depth dreams about my blog layout last night.
Unfortunately I did not write them down, so that inspiration is all gone.

For now, enjoy these pictures of our adventures in Washington. Most recent pictures are first.
Disclaimer: This is a very journalistic post.

Today, Jared and I went for a long bike ride around some nearby neighborhoods.
Most of the ride included mini evergreen forests on either side of the road. 
This part of Washington smells superb. It's like a refreshing Christmas miracle.
 Afternoons often include movies, puzzles, Nerf Gun wars with the siblings, and synchronized reading.
 On Christmas Eve, Jared and I went for a run through the forest. 
Jared is a self-proclaimed specialist in precious metals, so we checked several streams for gold flakes.
(This picture was taken right after some lady walked by and said, "Goodness! I thought you two were massive dogs kneeling there!")
 We did indeed find some gold flakes!
(Lower left dirt clump.)
 The winter forests up here are fluorescent green.
Trees are covered in moss and ferns.

 Jared's family lives near a nice little lake.
This little beaver thinks that grass is delicious to eat.
One time I ate grass, and it didn't turn out so good. I hope the beaver had a better grass-eating experience than I did.
My phone has started doing this thing where it tries to make my pictures all dynamic and whatnot.
All I can say about this one is, "Nice try, phone. You done been pwn'd."
 On Monday, we drove down to Portland with Jared's good ol' dad.
While he was in a meeting, we drove into downtown, grabbed some breakfast food at Trader Joe's, and walked around a park overlooking the city.

 Breakfast was Orangina, a baguette, and some deli meat.
Just like our mornings in Europe.
 We stopped by Baker, Oregon on our long drive from Utah to Washington.
My Grandma Haines is from Baker, so it was a weird, happy coincidence to see my Haines name on the city sign. Shout out to my family!
And that is it for now.
It was a wonderful Christmas with husband and his family. Hope your breaks have been happy, too!

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