Date Night

Last night was date night. In so many ways.

Jared and I went to a free on-campus viola concert in honor of my childhood bestie, Julie, who plays the viola like an angel and just left to serve an LDS mission in New York. Much class. Much.

Afterwards, we went to a "big" on-campus free dance party. The Winter Wonderland dance. Put on by our school's service association.

When we walked in, we saw a DJ, a photo booth, thousands of treats, ping-pong tables, and about 40 people.

Oh, service association. Threw a party filled with a ward's worth of freshmen. And us.

Fortunately, the longer we stayed, the more people trickled in. And as this happened, I noticed a hilarious trend.

Every boy from high school that I'd EVER been on a date with was at this teeny tiny dance.

After we grabbed some treats and found a table, I looked out and said, "Oh hey! There's Ryan! I went to my senior Prom with him. What are the odds that at the tiniest college dance ever I'd see my high school Prom date?"

Jared smiled and humored me, and we continued to watch as people busted hilarious dance moves and RMs weaved through the crowd, on the hunt for lone girls to prey on.

I looked out into the crowd and saw a boy who I was in high school band with. "Wow, it's Charles! I went on a mini-golf date with him two years ago!"

Jared smiled, and we laughed once more about the coincidence. We continued to gaze into the slowly growing group of dancers.

"Hey, that's Caleb! I went on several dates with him freshman year. And look! Eric! He was my date to the junior Prom in high school! You get to meet both of my Prom dates!"
At this point, I was high on giddy love for this crazy coincidence. A party filled with a bunch of freshmen, Jared and me, and every boy I'd ever been to a high school dance with. I don't know what that says about me or the boys in my high school, but it gets better.

"We've got to get you out of here," Jared said after we had confronted poor Ryan to give him tips on scouting out the ladies. I had just spotted another past date.

As we walked away from the super-fun party, I waved at an old friend that I had written to while he served a mission. "That's Jeff!" I told my husband, who just shook his head in disbelief, knowing what was coming next, "We used to be great friends. He took me on a date once! Nice guy."

We escaped the party, me practically skipping. "Hey Ryan! Hey Eric! Hey Mitch!" I waved to my buddies from freshman year as they sat in a circle, shaving the scruff off each other's faces in preparation to enter the dance. "Rotating date minute friends,"  I whispered to Jared, who tugged at my arm as they headed our way for hugs.

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