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I feel like I drop a lot of tidbits and ironies on this blog, but not a lot of what's actually going down in the Jared and Laura family. Three cheers for not spilling our lives all over the all-seeing internet! That being said, allow me to spill our lives to you.

I've spent the last four years studying English language and editing. And math and accounting and engineering. But mostly ELang and editing. Oh, the joys of pegging down one thing you'd like to spend your entire life doing.

 On that note . . . I edit. I just really do. In class and on journals and for Jared's friends who want someone to look over their personal statements for med school. I have all the knowledges, so if any of y'all ever need an editor, drop me a comment. BYU's editing minor is (allegedly) in the top three in the nation, so I'm (allegedly) all set up to set you up.

 I graduate in April.

 I am to cry tears of confusion and gladness in April.

 I've stopped wearing real clothes to school.

 Jared graduated with a degree in microbiology last summer. He is working full time at whatever he fancies, whenever he fancies. Sometimes he puts up Christmas lights. Sometimes he helps kindred souls get ready for work. Sometimes he goes hunting for silver. 

 He has interviewed at several medical schools during the past few months. We're waitlisted at schools in Washington and Florida.

 He's already been accepted to a school in the Caribbean, and we've made a down-payment. Not a bad backup plan, if you ask me. Raisin' babies on the beach (not to be confused with "raisin babies on the beach"--ah, the power of the amiable apostrophe).

I was going to write more, but I think that last sentence was a fine closer.

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  1. It's actually really really good that you made the raisin distinction because I first and immediately pictured some seriously scary looking raisin-y babies. Nightmares until that parenthetical, I tell you.



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