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Hello friends!
(Speaking of friends, I made a friend in class today! I feel like, as a recently married person, this is a pathetically huge milestone.)

This post will only apply to you if you've struggled with blogger's dynamic layouts, but still like how they look.

I switched my blog layout for like a day back to the classic version that most of all y'all use.
Then I started missing the simplicity of my dynamic layout (the one I have now).
Unfortunately, dynamic view layouts have been struggling lately to load correctly and to allow comments.
This was annoying to me, so I started doing some research, and found this post:

It shows you how to fix the issue and get comment capabilities back, and it only takes like 5 seconds!
So now you can leave me love notes again. And sassy remarks.

Ok that's all. Go eat some hummus.


  1. 1. I ate hummus for lunch yesterday to improve my Arabic-speaking abilities for my oral test. True story.
    2. "Diamond packer" will happen. Not like fetch, that was never going to happen.
    3. You're cute :)

    1. Yay you do love me! I'm positive the hummus things works, and that fetch will eventually happen. Hey, you're cute!



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