Groomals for the win.

HEY! I didn't even get any groomal pictures on here. FAIL.
So here you go. I'll get you some blooper photos in tomorrow's post.
The ones that turned out embarrassing, but you like 'em like that. I know you do.

I'm really glad we took groomals. I learned things--like that Jared needed a different tie.
And quite honestly, these almost turned out better than the wedding pics.
Mostly because I was smiling insanely huge in the wedding pics. Ridiculously so.
And Jared was smiling so nervous on our wedding day. Oh so so nervous.
And I wore my newly dyed hair up because it was a thousand degrees.
These groomals are just a touch more designer-esque. And I like my natural hair color.

First look happened at Kneaders, where I changed into my wedding dress in a public restroom. The classiest.
Our photographer is Kate Benson. She's a superstar.

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  1. LAURA! How fun it is to find your blog, and you are MARRIED! EEK! you look perfect. Your dress is gorgeous, so is your hair, and you guys make a lovely couple!!! And Kate Benson is the best! She is so funny and her photography is just amazing. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I always love stalkin' people I know :))



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