Things which I have done today:

1) Obtain stings from two bees who got all discombobulated up in the nether regions of my skirt

2) Get hit on by a stranger whilst walking towards the library. That became real awkward real fast when he looked at my ring finger in the middle of acquiring about my housing location and realized that I'm a diamond packer.

3) Invent the phrase "diamond packer."

4) Reacquaint myself with my first ever stalker. He avoided eye-contact, but it seems like he's nicened out over the past two years. So I added him as a friend on Facebook.

5)Accidentally moon a library room full of people. Triple digits amounts of people. In the Snack Zone.

6) Realize that I really should stop wearing skirts on campus. This brings the "accidental mooning" count to 4 now.

On a somewhat (ok, completely) unrelated note, husband got accepted to medical school!
I hope they don't have bees in Grenada.

And I hope Family Night this week is as awe-inspiring as Family Night last week.
Chocolate cigars and hot chocolate shots.
Along with Scrabble cards and the Book of Mormon.
And some truffles.
We're fatties and stuff.

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