I feel great.

What up pawty peepo?????

I'm waking up in 3 hours to drive 3 more hours to go fly-fishing.
My life is cray. Not like cray-cray, but just like straight-up cray.
But it doesn't matter, cuz I feel great!

I ain't got no time fo' dis, but here is possibly like my favorite picture.
Let's all say it on 3:

1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . .

"The back of yo' head is rah-dic-uh-luss."

Happy "We're Finally Sending Out Announcements and Oh Ya We're Getting Married in Twenty-One Days" Day. 

Leave your address if you want one, cause we've got 500 of 'em. <---favorite all="" commercial="" favorite--="" of="" time="">


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  2. Sooo cute. I for sure want one!
    375 N 1130 E Lindon, UT 84042

  3. i love reading your blog! if it's not too weird i'd love an invite (:
    1160 Quail Run Ln.
    Elk Ridge, UT 84651



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