Best Friends and Bridal Showers and a Video of my Lover

Introducing my best friend in the whole wide world, via a classy girls' camp picture:
Surprise! Just kidding, you already know Julie's my BFF. We tight. You tight. We all tight. 
Everybody tight wif Julie.

She threw me a bridal shower like a week ago, and it was the greatest thing I've ever experienced.
Do you want to know why?
Fine, I'll tell you why:
It's because the party colors were rainbow and clear.
(I have better pictures but they're not loading!)

Any of my close friends can tell you that I always desired a wedding with a color scheme of rainbow and clear.
However, parentals weren't as keen on the idea of clear dresses with rainbow undertones, hand-chiseled ice sculptures of my face, and a skittles cake, so I had to opt out of that one.
(Actually the parentals probably would have been supportive. I don't know why I didn't just go for it.)

Soooooo, Julie schemed it into the partay! And she and her mom put together the best party with the best clear-and-rainbow decorations, the best breakfast, and the best game featuring 15 minutes of my other best friend in the whole world's face. Now you can see how much of a handsome creep he is. It's long but you'll like it:

p.s. I definitely wanted to become a professional gymnast when I was a small child. And I don't think I've ever done a legit handstand in my life.

...and he knows my first impression of him was that I thought he was a preppy boy. So I don't know what that lie was all about. But now I know he's just a tender-hearted stallion.

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