This is a weird thing to blog about, but I just registered for some China.
And I'm ridiculously excited about it.

I traveled about an hour to find a Macy's "Great Wall of China."
They had like a hundred adorable matchy-match patterns.

And I couldn't pick between them.

So my mom was all like, "Hey, you've just got to mix and match!"
(Napolean Dynamite, anyone? Anybody?)

So I did. 
And this is an awful-quality phone picture.

But it's an amazing set.
Registering is sometimes awful. And sometimes super great.
I'm probably the only to-be newlywed around that's old-school enough to register for China.
But there's just something so romantic about it, you know?
And I'm a grandma at heart.

Feel free to find my Macy's registry online and buy us a bread and butter plate.
It's super cute!
Who wouldn't want to eat bread and butter on that classy lil' guy?

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  1. I thought you liked the other set better...? The "lace" looking one



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