At noon,

I had an awesome conversation.

In a large public restroom.

During passing period.

I ran into an old visiting teacher, and, the lifelong visiting teacher that she is, she asked me how I was doing and how school and life and everything else were going.

She had a class she was going to be late to, so we nonchalantly took our conversation into the stalls.

As I was getting comfortable on my porcelain throne, I heard her familiar voice a few stalls over.
"Oh, and how are your wedding plans coming? Is there anything I can do to help? I know people sometimes just say that, but I'm being serious!!"

There were a few people in the stalls between us and the room was full of girls taking their break between classes, but for some reason these people weren't talking much to each other.

Which made it nice for my visiting teacher and me because our voices echoed around the room without us having to strain to hear each other.

"Oh you are too sweet!" I said, feeling like I maybe belonged in my favorite YouTube short (Ghost in the Stall). "I need to make another list, but I'll try take you up on that! I'm so glad we ran into each other!"

This was not the end of the conversation. We covered a delightful range of topics.
And to be perfectly honest, it just made my day.
And probably some other ladies' days, too.


Oh hey. We took our engagement pictures. Please go find a salty snack to enjoy while you sit in front of your computer and we stare into your souls. That's a good activity.

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