Sarah Kay

This girl on the right has been my saint of a roommate since freshman year:
I love both these girls (picture snapped at bridal shower). Sarah has seriously been a God-send for me in college.

I remember freshman year when, even though we'd just met, we'd stay up for hours talking in our darkened room, and we went crazy together in the law library. You may remember other classic moves like the time we camped out on asphalt for frozen yogurt and the time we baked notes into bread as a clever way to ask out boys. Funnest college year ever.

I remember sophomore year when she would hide gifts under my pillow. We had our first RM boyfriends (ooooh) and shared plenty of late-at-night rainy break-up runs to the Marriott Center.

I remember junior year when we loved waking up to the natural light flooding into our little town-house bedroom. All of a sudden we seemed so much more grown up (seemed...), and would talk about big adult scary things as we lived them. For weeks and weeks, Sarah was probably the only one besides my parents who knew I was turning my mission papers in. She was there as I fell in love and fell into an inner conflict. She talked me through it and listened, and brought me sanity (which proves we've come a long way since freshman year). I was there when she worked her tail off and didn't sleep for months so she could get accepted into the BYU Graphic Design Program (HUGE accomplishment). I was there when she somehow worked even more and slept even less and was accepted into the BFA program (even HUGER accomplish--she's a design genius).

And now she's going to Sweden. And I'm getting married.
And it's weird. And it's scary. And I'm feeling nostalgic.

But anyway, the point I was trying to make when I started this post was that even before I was engaged, she told me that even though she wouldn't take my pictures (bummer), she wanted to design my wedding announcement for me. And she did. And it's more beautiful and perfect than I ever hoped for. And it's coming to many of you in the mail right now!

So again, if you want one, I have like 50 extra lying around. Drop me your address! It won't be weird.
I'll post it on here in like a week, after everyone gets their hard copy in the mail.
Teaser: It's got our love story written all over the back, which is somehow something I neglected to write here . . . sorry guys.

16 days. Huh.


  1. I got mine the either day and I love it!! It's just the cutest thing and I super enjoyed reading the love story!!

  2. So I'm commenting here, so hopefully you see it. So excited for you! and I love Sarah too! Question, since I'm in Belgium for the next long while, can you send me a digital version of your announcement? Cuz I wanna see it. :) And also, I'm currently trying to decide on what type of design we want for our announcements. Not like I'll be copying you, but getting lots of different ideas helps, ya know? Awesome. :)

    P.S. 10 months is still cool. And definitely still longer than other people I know... :)



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