Happy Felony

In the garage, I found six bags full of various Christmas evergreens and pinecones to be used for greening holiday vases.

What made a good thing better was learning how said stuffed bags came to be.

Apparently mother is a forager. She wanted my help in making holiday arrangements for neighbors, so she made it happen. No she did not find pine sprigs to snip from in our own backyard. Please, don't be silly. 

She actually wandered through multiple neighbors' properties and removed entire branches from their saplings and shrubs. Don't worry, "they've been in a retirement home for almost a year now. They won't miss anything."

Please let this become an annual holiday tradition. 


  1. Wow ... That's great! There's this Drabble (comic strip) sequence where the dad of the family is testing out his son's pinewood derby car and it gets broken, so he decides to make a new one, and he gets the pine wood by cutting down his neighbor's pine tree.



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