As a post scriptum, I have 8 unpublished posts from the past 2 weeks drafted on my Blogger account. Go ahead and laugh, but this is 100% due to my inability to find my phone cord that would allow for transfer of phone pictures to this here blog.

Which is due to my room being completely trashed.

Which is due to suitcases everywhere that I don't want to unpack but keep needing to turn inside-out to find things.

Which is due to my lack of a current place to keep my belongings.

Which is funny considering that I have 3 homes. Yup, still unable to sell my old contract. Please please please, if you know anyone possibly wanting to move just south of BYU campus and live all my college singles ward adventures with my really great roommates, refer them here. I am not looking forward to paying 2 rents every month.

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