Dear Boys

Elise from Elise's Pieces birthed a Dear Boys segment on her blog (the button links to it).
Normally I don't do link parties, but ehhh, why not?

Dear Goliath,

Why hello. We haven't spoken since 2008, but I noticed your muscles are looking quite vast today. Even moreso than in this picture of you saved as my desktop background . . . er, Dottie did that. Ya. I tried to stop her, the creep.

Maturely Yours,
Notta Stock R.

Dear Ex,

Don't forget about our lunch date next week. We can talk about your biceps and new girlfriend.

Your Friend,
Shut Up, This is Healthy

Dear MIA

If you write me a witty letter I'll smuggle you some boxes in which you can send me European chocolates and pocket-watches and maybe a drunk little man to sing jolly lullabies.

Cerely (sin is bad),
The Selflessest

Dear Elder Freddy,

Don't poop your pants. Again. Congrats on reaching new categories of public mortification for potty tails. Er, tales.

Your BFF,
Oh Holey Knight, My Pants are Ripped and Mooning.

Dear Samwise,


I'll write you when the bathroom scale stops reading "to be continued."

Dear Kind, Witty, Chivalrous, and Loaded:

WHY ARE YOU SO 5'7"!???!??

Regrettably Yours,

Dear Lil' Brudda,

Poof, you're a sandwich.

With Contempt,
Make One Yourself


  1. So is this where I'm supposed to guess who each person is? I'm not sure what you want disclosed. And, what inspired this post? :D

  2. And are you really only 5'9"?

  3. a) No guessing necessary, though I ain't scurred of being disclosed. Eet's yust fer fun.

    2) I added an intro. This post was inspired by a blog buddy.

    d) Dang, you caught me. 5'9.25" it is. I thought I could mask these lurptastic levels with a blatant white lie. Not so.

  4. Dude. Laughed my face off. You are HILARIOUS. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Wow. For some reason I thought you were taller. Weird. You should go for Mr. 5'7" Laura. Does he read your blog?

  6. i had to follow your blog immediately after reading this sentence on elise's blog: "Shut Up, This is Healthy." it killed me. ahaha



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