Dear [Provo] Girls,

...and boys who are good people and buy Christmas gifts for their dear sweet mothers.

Go to Campus Floral tomorrow. There's a coupon on Facebook that gets you 40% off any gift item! All you have to do is print it off the page that this link leads you to and bring it in with you.

The store's kind of small, but the jams are great and the jewelry is super cute (and pricey, so I'm definitely taking advantage of this opportunity). We have tons of scarves too, some of which are seen here.

The offer's good for today and tomorrow. I would have told you about it last night, but

A) I was up until past midnight wasting time and contemplating the lifestlye of a permanent Burger King employee writing a killer essay on the speech habits of the lovable villains in The Princess Bride.


B) I was selfish and wanted to have first pick for myself before you went and took all the good stuff. Good news: the good stuff's still there.

Good luck studying! I mean that from the deepest part of my soul!

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