Punday Monday

Remember my "vegan diet"? Well, my good friend Jan sent me a pun that describes perfectly what happened to it:

"I decided becoming a vegan was a missed steak."

Hardy har har! And there you have it. I fell to the Turkey at the company Christmas party. I fell hard, I fell bad, and I liked it. I feel good about lasting five whole days. Aaaand, let's just pretend the grilled salmon at three days in never happened.


Another one for you, this time told by my supervising florist, Holly:

"There's going to be mistletoe at the coolers."
"We're hanging mistletoe above the coolers?"
"No, we're selling mistletoe at the coolers. But that would be a cool place to kiss!"

Yes, it's true. While limited supplies last, Campus Floral will be selling mistletoe in store and at their satellite cooler locations in the Bookstore and at the Creameries (on 9th and in the Commons). Get some.


  1. Your Punday Mondays always make me roll my eyes and smile

  2. I totes read Jan's blog. I knew him in jr. high :)

  3. I know it's probably inappropriate, but I have sniggered to myself at least 6 times over "Get some." throughout the course of today. I, too, am a die-hard fan of Punday Monday. Long live puns!

  4. I'd say the love of puns has you totally set to be a high school english teacher. I will never forget my satanic honors 10 english teacher, who kept a zen garden in the room and read us every chain email she got. Said emails were usually filled with shamefully un-funny puns or "30 fun things to do in an elevator." she is also to this day an unmarried, vicious old lady who hates life and those who live it. Yes. You are on the right track. I'm sure it all started this way for her as well. I also think she had a stash of marijuana in her bottom desk drawer, but my suspicions were never confirmed. as i write this i think about whether or not you really are an english major, i just remember you blogging about it sometime and i'm way too lazy to go back and check. whatever.



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