We're gonna be famous

Ward Directory: Center Fold

These are my roommates. 

I whited out their last names, numbers, and majors to protect their identities.
Because their identities are all they have, besides extensive stashes of fruit leather, estrogen up the wall, and occasional stripping parties.

ya . . . . . . . 

We are the girls that match. And that is all. 
I don't think anyone outside this exclusive group actually knows my name.

Sarah on the other hand . . . . the rest of us have resorted to setting her up on blind dates just to be funny.  Averaging three dates a weekend, that one is. Enough to make up for the rest of us slackers.
Wouldn't trade her places though. Did that over the summer, if you recall. Brutal, it was.

Polyester polka-dots have never looked so good.

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