What I learned in Marriage and Family Relations class

I attended Sunday School in the home ward today.
Followed my parents to class because all the other kids with the pumped up kicks are at college.

Bad idea.

Sure marriage is full of complicated nitty-gritty. Do I want to hear about that? No.
Did I have to anyway? Yes. And so do you. Right now. Justice is sweet.

1) Communication is complicated. Fine. That's a given. But do we really have to go around the room telling stories about when our spouses came home from work and wanted dinner after we've had a hard day and broke into tears for who-knows-why?

2) Intimacy is complicated. Really compadre? Do you not see me? How about if we talk about this next week when the unmarried teenage baby is not around. You just made the whole room feel uncomfortable. Nobody here will make eye-contact with me for the next year at least, which is fine.

3) Don't go to bed angry. Just go to bed. Apparently talking things out when it's late and you're both unhappy is  a waste of energy. Just get some sleep and the problem will magically begin to dissolve overnight, like an angry note left under a leaky roof, or invisible Kool-Aid powder in the bottom of your jug of invisible Kool-Aid.

4) Men just don't understand. Period.

5) Women are just emotional. Period. (No pun intended.)

I think I'll stick with the singles' ward. Yes we're the recipients of extensive marriage preachery four out of four weeks every month, but I appreciate our unrealistic unicorns-and-rainbows naivety.

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  1. Wow. I had a similarly awkward experience when i came to visit utah last january. i followed my grandmother to gospel doctrine or wherever the old people go and the bishop told us all that life sucks, marriages fail, and he likes to occasionally swear fluently at other motorists while driving, but who can blame him? thanks for reanimating the blog. reanimation=zombies. back from the dead with a vengeance maybe?




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