The truth, uncovered

Sometimes people think it's fun to make fun of me, mostly because I subconsciously stash things under my pillow and don't realize until I'm getting ready for bed that night and reach underneath to find a surprise. Mostly this was a freshman year problem, but I have a feeling it will continue to provide meaner individuals sniggers for years to come.

Remember this one? 

Kind notes are also common:

As are . . . articles of clothing. This one was probably my own doing:

Bill Nye is practically my fiance. 
He actually wallpapers our front door, as a gift from my roommates to me a month ago.
It's not weird.

And my personal favorite:

Who knew Satan likes his eggs Benedict?


  1. And THAT is why I love Dottie. And for other reasons too.

  2. I bet Korihor is honored to be as evil as Hitler ... Also, are you writing concerned/helpful notes to your roommate who is in denial about her love for Justin Bieber?



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