Quote of the mornin' to ya

12:19 A.M.

"It is not on my bucket list to meet Justin Bieber.
It is not on my bucket list to meet Justin Bieber.
He's  like three years younger than me.
That would be weird.
Ya, it is not on my bucket to meet Justin Bieber."

-Roommate in Denial

Bieber's a touchy subject amongst college girls. If you speak his name, you will either gain mounds of respect from nearby peers, or else lose it all. There is no in-between. Thus the denial.

I have no opinion on the matter. Playing it safe.

Tomorrow I will blog about a good note I found under my pillow.

I don't know if tomorrow is after I go to sleep and then wake up, or the next technical date on the calendar from right now, which would be Saturday. 

Playing it safe.

I just registered for classes. That was fun.

Here, have a picture of something I did that is totally irrelevant and happened like three months ago.

Natural waterslide. Alpine. Go to it.  But not right now.

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