Simpleton Pleasure #3: The Fitting Room

Favourite Fitting Room Moments:

1) When you somehow force those skinny jeans on or that shirt that is 3 sizes too small, and then have a panic attack when you can't get them back off. What if I'm stuck here forever? Will my family miss me? Will my friends notice I'm missing? Maybe I should holler for assistance? Nope, starvation it is. Oh wait, was that a ripping noise coming from the sleeve? That can't be good--hopefully no one will notice. Free at last!

2) When you're standing in there all neked and whatnot and and some little boy crawls under your door...

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  1. Oh my. Glad you made it out safely. And hope you were wearing some nice skivvies.

    Here's my fitting room moment: tried on some jeans, and was checkin' them out in the mirror. Random lady-customer comes up.

    Lady: "I don't want to wait for a dressing room. Mind if I change here?"
    Lady: "Thanks sweetie." *strips* "What size are you?"
    Sarah warily tells her size.
    Lady: "Really?! I don't believe that! You look at least -insert two sizes bigger-, girl."
    Sarah: "Oh." Returns to dressing room and shuts the door.

    I didn't get those jeans.



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