Simpleton Pleasure #2: Being an old person.

Waking up at the crack of dawn is super great until you turn 80 and all of a sudden you have an aching back that requires hunching over to walk. I feel better about the situation when I sit in a chair on the front porch and mumble audibly to myself when children walk by.

Thrift stores bring joy to my heart; not because I can find bright and trendy clothing for a fraction of the cost, but because I sometimes stumble upon pre-worn 50s-era shoes that are too small for me but FABULOUS and only $5. Oh, what a beautiful morning it was.
 For mercy's sake, when taking pictures late at night with horrid lighting, please do not use a ghetto camera with a broken flash. Speaking of, why was the maid afraid of the camera? (Holla to my white friend Julie! Also, I hope that the rest of you will come up with your own punchlines and comment them. That would bring joy to my soul.)

While we're on the topic of how truly great a sport thrifting really is, I went through my phone for the first time in ages today and found simple pleasure in the fact that most of the pictures follow this pattern:

Granny-length skirts with a bold floral print, draped against a background of old, mismatched china? Be still my heart!

Sign me up for retirement. Anything is worth spending two-thirds of the day in oversized sweats and hair tied up in a knot -- even bunyon pain and furniture that smells like cats.

These are a few of my favorite things, and I'm not just saying that. Ask anyone who knows me. Sometimes I offer up the excuse that I just have a classy, sophisticated sense of style. Inside, I know that's a load of codswallop.

Other elderly-aged lifestyle choices that I adore:

  • Classical music playing softly in the background as I let the hours slip gently away playing solitaire. In my defense, it was classical guitar music, which makes me super hip, right?
  • Using the word "hip" as an adjective. 
  • Getting so fed up trying to figure out technology in an attempt to make a tab for flowers that I give up and only offer my blog nasty looks for the next half a week. I vote we throw out cellphones and computers and revert back to the good-old Pony Express.


  1. I also vote for bringing back the Pony Express! And I absolutely love your shoes! If I were bold enough I would wear stuff like that all the time. Also, the maid was afraid of the camera because her pet wombat is sensitive about his weight issue and she knew he would tear up all the furniture if caught on camera during his "chubby years."

  2. Actually, she's afraid of the camera because she's had one too many bad flash experiences. But that's probably inappropriate... yours made me laugh supes hard anyway. Points for creativity!



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