I made dinner for dinners

In honor of this morning's overseas affair (which was truly lovely, was it not?) I offered to cook my family some good southern chili and cornbread for dinners. I also wore my best plaids and blue jeans. If this doesn't add up for you, you are most likely a normal human being. I, quite frankly, am confused at the relation between all this myself.

(Thanks to roommate Dottie for the fabulous, award-winning chili recipe.)

It turns out that cornbread without cornmeal or any ingredient containing the word "corn" is just bland yellow cake disguised as a side-dish. And boys younger than age 16 don't like chili ("I would like it if it didn't have beans it it. Or corn. Or tomatoes. Or peppers. Or onions."), so I was pretty much the only one who ate it anyway. Mothers are such strong specimens.


  1. Awww, sad loss for brothers! But guess what? We had that same vase on our table last night too when we fed the missionaries! Coincidence? I think not!

  2. Dottie, diggin' your quote from the 'Incredibles.' Bery appropriate. And that chili recipe is really fantastic.

    And Laura, as for your cornbread without corn, I think it is brilliant! Although, I would double check it. After all, most products are just a clever rearrangement of corn...

  3. Sarah, I am NOT diggin' your quote from bio.

    And Laura, I've just been sitting here forever reading your blog because it is hilarious and OH so much better than studying:)



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