Boys only want girlfriends like me.

This last week, I was filling out job applications when I came upon a question asking if I had any special skills. I really hadn't a clue how this question was important to that particular job (canning. all day. everyday. this summer's going to be brilliant.), so I thought I might get bonus points for creativity by answering:

skills: nunchuck, computer hacking, etc.

For some reason, they haven't called me back to offer me the job yet. Huh. This comes as just as big a shock to me as not getting an "A" on my math final even though I answered one of the problems by drawing a goat eating a lollipop and the final problem by writing my professor a note (Dear Dr. Fisher, HAGS. From, Laura). Yes, that actually happened.

Today I discovered another surprise skill festering in my bones. My little brother went to his high school prom, as did my chaperoning parents, and I thought I'd try my hand at constructing their corsages/boutonnieres, since I did a bit here and there in my floral design class last semester. I guess that makes me qualified or something. Here's a looksie:

 (My parents are cuter than your parents)

So they're not your ma and pa's traditional dance flowers, but you could have guessed as much from past readings. I'm not much of a traditionalist. Because I love you, I will make some for you anytime, cheap. Even the more traditional kinds. Just say the word and spread the word. This is an exceptionally good deal because, personally, I like these better than anything I ever bought for my school dances and they're half the price. That's like four times the value. But as you can tell from the title, this might just be because I am vain. Or if you really understand the title, it has nothing to do with being vain and everything to do with watching really dumb movies altogether too often. Anyway.

Boutonnieres: $5
Corsages: $10
Spelling ridiculous French words correctly without using Google-search: Priceless

email me if interested and willing to travel to Orem for pick-up: 1simplaur[at]gmail[dot]com

I don't even care if you don't follow me openly or at all. Actually, you really should follow me openly and at all because I have a crush on all my readers, but I'll still love you if you don't. Aaaaand, that's a wrap.


  1. Beautiful! You are ohso talented :) If I'm ever in need of flower arrangements, I know who to call.

  2. 1. As always, I love you and your awsomely awesome talent with making words hilarious.
    2. Your flowers are way pretty!!! I'm super jealous. It's true. Teach me!!!
    3. I wish you all of the luck in the world making an income off your flower skills. :D



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