I immediately became self-conscious after it had been five minutes and nobody had commented on my Facebook status. Facebook statuses are a big deal. They are chosen with great care. So great care, in fact, that I've only had one all year (which may be due to my bipolar/love-hate relationship with Facebook that dictates that 50% of the time, my account does not even exist). Today's status was as follows:

Laura is enjoying a treat.

This means nothing to about 90% of all y'all. This means nothing to about 99% of the world, except perhaps that I'm one of those TMI Facebookers (you all know what I'm talking about), which is not only a falsehood, it is a bad joke. Hence, said status was deleted after said 5-minute interval. Feel free to educate yourselves. These guys are amazing. Do not feel free to judge. Unless it is righteously:

Ya, I don't get it either, but it's still funny.

In other news, I purchased this shirt two years ago:

Whenever I wear it, I get weird looks all day. I'm not bitter, just confused at how sorrily ignorant America can be. I refuse to get rid of this shirt. I also refuse to wear it in public while walking alone. I should probably just own up to it. Maybe I have self-esteem issues or something? Whatever. Feel free to educate yourselves once more. This guy astounds me:

(If you get sick of watching partway through, just skip to 2:20)

I hope you have learned something today. I, for one, have not.

Post Update (haha -- redundant much?)
Because of the confidence in me many of you shared over the hated social networking site, I did indeed repost the status. Number two of the year. Thank you friends; you influence my life for the better.


  1. GAHAHA! I love it. "Why don't you take a good long hard look at yourself--" "I have. They love it."

    Nice. Really nice.

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