in sickness and in wealth

I always knew the "other half" of the human species would come around eventually. That's a lie. But in any event, they did.

The balloon's from the crazy Asian.
The sweets are from the skinny white guy and my boy Mandell (pictured in previous post).
The note's from a "secret admirer."

The only thing more wonderful than coming back to school after a crappy weekend of bed-riddenness and discovering a small heap of surprises is finding out that each surprise is from a different boy. I should've enrolled in college years ago. I love these guys.

In other news, come to my room if you're feeling down. I promise I have products that will make you the happiest girl in the world.

So, I run a drug counter?

Unfortunately, all that wasn't enough to prevent me from having a thunderous seizure on the floor of my largest class. About a thousand students. Way bigger room than my high school auditorium. It's chill. I made it about halfway through statistics before I could no longer hold back the beastly and 'sgusting hack attack. I got as far as standing up to leave. Then I saw the 20 students blocking my escape route on either side, and sat back down.

Don't worry, my friend had a water bottle and offered it to me after only 2 or 3 hundred upperclassman and half the BYU football team had located the source of the noise. Don't worry again, there was no water left. I beat the water bottle into compliance and was struck in the face by a massive ice block. That must've scared the coughs away or something, because I was actually fine for most of the rest of the class.

I took 1300% of my daily vitamin c recommendations this morning. Must be time to go to work and rake in the pocket change. I think I should be paid just for riding the bus each day. But that is a story for another post.


  1. Wait, who was the secret admirer?

  2. HAHAHA! I'm glad I could be the "friend" that saved you! Haha I forgot that at that time my fridge was broken and froze everything in sight. Good times. Good times.



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