At the Wilk.


2 girls.

One me. One friend.

Studying Accounting.

In the Wilk.

One boy.

Scratch that.

One man.

One attractive man.

Takes a sit.

At our table.

In the Wilk.

Man breaks out the small talk.

Over his Taco Bell.

Girls try to focus on work while happily conversationalizing.

Man lets out a burp.

Girls stare at computer screens.

Man dribbles beans down his chin.

Man does not wipe chin.

Man comments on how yummy Taco Bell is.

Girl politely agrees.

Man lets out another burp.

Scratch that.

Man lets out a belch.

Man lets out a royal belch.

Man offers a bite.

Girl explains that she already ate. So no.

10 painful minutes later

Man lets a couple more burps escape.

Girls make queasy faces at their screens.

Man gets up to leave.

Man offers girls to shake his elbow.

Man's hands are covered in beans.

As is his entire side of the table.

Man leaves.

Scratch that.

Unattractive hobo leaves.

Girls discuss chances that unattractive hobo was being for real.

10 minutes later

Unattractive hobo returns.

He was acting for a psychology assignment.

Scene was being filmed for a project.

Attractive man apologizes profusely.

Attractive man cleans table and walks away.

Girls feel good about life.

Attractive man should consider giving acting classes.

Girl would be first to enroll.


  1. Dude that's awesome! You should hit on him. :D

  2. Haha!! YES! I remember this too! Guess whatski? I have to break a social norm like this for my sociology class this spring. Let's make people uncomfortable i Provo together!

  3. Laura me and all of my roommates just got a huge kick out of that!! We cracked up and reread it a few times. HILARIOUS!!! HA HA!!



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