Mole? Skinned.

Before, all I needed was my journal, because I could chat it up with anyone that mattered every day. But now I'm gone. Stranded. About 10 miles away (ya, I could probably walk home). In P-town. Having the time of my life. And I'm not letting you guys read my journal, so I figure the time is ripe like Tim's feet to get this blog a rollin. What I'm trying to say is...Fam Bam, Geek Squad, [anyone else who is looking for a good blog to stalk during work when they get sick of Harry Potter] I MADE THIS FOR YOU!!!! (Didn't catch the reference? Shame. Go here. I wish I could say Julian was my homeboy. Sadly, I'm not that cool.)

College is fabulous. Having only been here for a week, I am definitely qualified to say that. 5 years and 7 changes in my major later, I'm sure I'll be changing my tune. For now, check back every so often for pictures and thoughts. Such as this:

This is my roommate, Sarah. She's super cute and she smiles in pictures. Sometimes when it's after midnight and we should be in bed, we have funny misunderstanding. As I'm painting my nails and reading a textbook:

Sarah: Are you highlighting your book with
Me: Uhhhh, ya? (I'm slow)

10 minutes later:

Sarah: I just love moleskins!
Me: Oh my gosh, me too!
Sarah: I have a black one at home that I really miss, but I like my yellow one too.
Me: Ya, they're so nice. Uhhhhh...ya. Wait, what?

She was talking about her journal. I thought she was talking about the blister patches and was going with it. Yes, with that much enthusiasm. I just couldn't bear to burst her bubble if she really thought they were that cool. Hence the picture. Moleskins, a highlighter, and nail polish.

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