One Night Insomniac

When it's the night before I move out and I can't sleep, I:

-Pack my undies and "Men of Hawaii" calendar (these 2 items are unrelated)
-Lie in bed thinking about how I hope in the morning I can get to my journal, which for some reason is being stashed in the glove compartment of my car, before Jordan finds it and provides his high school buddies with a good laugh
-Give up and grab my ipod, succumbing to such sleepy artists as Michael Giacchino, Enya, and Aaron Copland
-Spend an hour looking for "Kaysonisms," a reminder of my Lyceum orchestra days when I played Copland's Appalachian Spring and befriended Dylan, the Man Flute
-Bust out the Harry Potter (book 6, on this occasion)
-Sneak upstairs for a 3 in the morning snack: smoked pepper jack white cheddar cheese and homemade granola
-Break my own blog ban

I daresay I'd better not log onto Facebook if I think there's any possibility of dozing off for these last 3 hours . . . nah. Here's to the beginning of many sleepless college nights. Cheers.


  1. I can't believe you syated up for that long. Better not always be like that in college or you're going to die!

  2. I need to seriously need The Harry Potter series already.



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