stalking is the sincerest form of flattery.

Fact: I have never failed an internet stalking venture. Whether I am trying to find a website that "does not exist" or your dear friend Johny Johnson from Somewhere, Illinois who somehow does not have a Facebook account, I will emerge victorious.

I knew things (that quite frankly freaked me out) about all my roommates before I even spoke to them. Mind you, I didn't get any of this from Facebook:

•Roommate 1 was president of the LDS Eastern Home Educators Youth Conference Committee. She likes reading, singing, and graphic design, and she designed posters that hang in her local library.

•Roommate 2 was a recipient of the National Merit Scholarship in Texas. That means she's like a super genius. She's smarter than me and you.

•Roommate 3 organized a massive children's book drive in Salt Lake City. What a babe.

You can imagine how nervous all this made me. I even found pictures for two of these brilliant, stunning people. Then, just for kicks, I internet stalked myself. Biggest MLIA moment of my life. It took my saner roommates actually emailing me to come to the realization that these people are down to earth and we have a lot in common. Even if they are cooler than me. Which they are.

Moral of the story: Internet stalking is only so reliable. Also, Laura is a creeper. Roommates, when you actually meet me and stumble upon this post, I encourage you to comment about how creepy you find me. As if you haven't gathered that already. Love you all!


  1. I would like to know what MLIA is. And I would also like to ask why you offer more information on this blog about your roommates than about yourself? :D Is this a private blog where only those who are invited to view it can, or are you going to get creepers like yourself stalking your blog?

  2. MLIA: My Life Is Average. Tuck that into your noggin. You will see it again.

    The lack of information about me is the point. I'm the most boring person on the internet.

  3. Ah, but you're not the most boring. :D

  4. Hey Laura. You're a freakishly good creeper. Did I have a picture?

    PS You're pretty awesome. I was intimidated by your flute skills. And still am.

  5. This is me. Leaving a snide remark. Like a year after you posted this. I just thought you should know that I could name all your roommates just by your descriptions. MLIA too.



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