angry calls and happiness books

The guy who sits behind me at work must think I'm retarded. As disappointing as this is, I'd honestly be concerned if he didn't feel that way.

"Hey Bret, if I want to transfer someone, do I press the transfer button?"

"Hey Bret, what's the difference between mute and hold?"

"Hey Bret, if this person's account has already been canceled, can I cancel it again?"

[pointing at the phone and mouthing silently] "Hey Bret, this lady sounds like she wants to kill me. What should I do?!?"

I figure that with this record, I really have no pride to maintain. So, I brought my Happiness Book to work on. With all my down time, I was getting unhealthily good at Sudoku anyway.

"Hey Bret, do you like this page? It has lots of my favorite flowers on it."


  1. YES YES YES!! What good memories!! I took mine to college...but didn't get anything done. All the junk just kept accumulating. Now it's exploding out of my closet. I've realized that I never get anything done unless it's an assignment worth a billion points. FAIL.

  2. Soo, just stalking your blog for fun, and I like that next page, which I think reads "Men who run with shirts or without." Am I correct?

  3. good eye! I was hoping someone would catch that. It actually says, "Men who run with their shirts on." That is what brought me happiness in high school. Can you blame me? You've seen high school boys. Anyway, I think nowadays that page might read a little differently on select occasions.



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