Invasion of Grenada

I am officially further behind on blog posts than I have ever been in the history of my blog. I'm really not sure I'll ever be able to recover. I think there are, like, 15 batches of pictures from things I still need to post? I lit 15 tea candles around my room and plugged in some Christmas lights, so I am now ready to snuggle up with my laptop for a night full of sub-par blogging.
In January (I knowwwww) Jared and I went for a Sunday drive and stopped at this little plaque place near the airport to see what it was. As it turns out, it's a plaque that Grenada erected  in 1986 to thank the Americans after we came and bailed them out of a pretty scary Cuban invasion. There's a Clint Eastwood movie about it called Heartbreak Ridge, but I've never seen it.
 ^^Jared reading a Caribbean sailing magazine with the best comics.
We drove a little bit further up the road and found a different, much less pretty plaque that was erected only months ago in memory of the Cubans who died as they led a violent attack on Grenada. There's even a quote by Fidel Castro on it, which we thought was a nice touch. I'm a huge fan of the irony of these plaques being not 50 yards from each other. Ohhhh Grenada.

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