I spy a cut little Jared and a cute little Will.
^^Jared munchin' on snacks in the back of the car.
My favorite day of the break was the day spent driving an hour or two up into the mountains to go sledding. These pictures don't do it a bit of justice. I was going to have Annie send me the pictures she took with her fancy new camera, but if I wait for that then this post will never happen. So these will do. Honestly, the drive was my favorite part. Everywhere we looked were hundred and hundreds of tall, snow-covered evergreens. The sledding was fun too. We went down a hill that had a little tow-line to pull you back up. Unfortunately the line was really long, so we only lasted a couple runs before seeking shelter and hot chocolate in the lodge and then driving home.

On the way home we caught a gorgeous sunset. Everyone else was exhausted and perhaps a bit carsick, but I love long drives and mountains and trees and sunsets, so this was my jam. We stopped at a Mexican place called Ixtapa for dinner. It was amazing. I haven't had Mexican food like that since before Los Hermanos changed up their menu and the quality went down. I got a chimichanga, and Jared's tortilla soup was to die for. In fact, we went back again just a couple days later on the way home from a hike gone awry (more on that in the next post).

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