On New Years Eve, we stayed in and played all kinds of games. Jared tried to win Mae's love by tickling her. It only worked for like 3 seconds.
I, however, didn't need to do anything to win Mae's love. We're just soul sisters. (The cute little sheep dog lost her hair clip.)
After some memorable games involving cash prizes, we ventured outside to light some fireworks. (In case you hadn't noticed, I left my nice camera in Grenada over the break for fear of being heavily taxed on it if I tried to bring it back. Hence the somewhat diminished photo quality in these Christmas Break posts.)
Back inside, we snacked and snacked and snacked some more and gamed and gamed and gamed some more. When all was done we turned on Ant Man and then busted open some poppers at midnight. They had cute little whistles in them that we tried to play a song on. "Tried" being the key word. I'm really excited about 2016! It just feels like a good year to me, and it's the year that Jared takes the biggest test of his life and the year that we move back to the States. It's bound to be a good one.

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