First Day of Hospital

If Jared ever sees this post, I am a dead woman and it (the post) will disappear mysteriously forever. He doesn't like pictures of him where he looks "tired" or his eyes are closed. So basically, all of these pictures. BUT I HAD TO. He's so cute getting ready for the day. And plus, he'll probably never see this post (do any of your husbands actually read your blogs?) so I'm not worried.

As I mentioned yesterday, Jared recently had his first day of visiting Grenada's public hospital to follow a doctor around with his cute little med student group. He's been looking forward to this day since first term, and it was monumental. The first of many many many MANY days spent learning in a hospital, which is what Jared's dreams are made of. He came home wearing his white jacket, which is major attractiveness points in my opinion. I didn't get a picture, buuut I'm sure there will be dozens of white coat pictures in the future.

The trip left him exhausted. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that the public hospital here is not air conditioned, and they cram as many patients as possible into each room. #thirdworldproblems. Apparently the patient that Jared's group was working with was a nice Grenadian woman who lived in England for several years. When they asked her if they could check her heartbeat and some other things she was like, "Ya sure!" And then she unexpectedly tore open her blouse. The doctor came back after that and was like, "Maybe next time let's close the curtains off to give her some privacy when you listen to her heart sounds." No one was phased though. I think it's kind of cool that Jared gets to experience a whole different hospital culture. I asked Jared if he had anything to say about the day that he'd like me to write. This is what he said:

"The nicest person I've met in Grenada is a woman with sickle cell anemia, one lung, and a diaphragmatic hernia. She was the first patient I observed in the St. George's general hospital, and she's the most positive person I've met here. Clinicals can't come soon enough! Sitting down with books all day is taking its toll on me. I want to interact with doctors and patients."

There you have it. The picture at the top of this post is of the hospital. It's on some prime real estate and has a gorgeous view of the ocean and some pretty beaches. Maybe the patients don't get to appreciate the view as much as others might, but the constant breeze there probably makes a world of difference.

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