Brothers in Grenada: Part II

Hey-o! I'm hoping to get this post up AND bust out another one withing the next hour (we're going to go see a movie with some new friends), so let's get to it. Basically I'll probably just caption the photos, because it's been over a month since my brothers had their trip here, and the details are a bit fuzzy already.
We spent one morning at the University Club pool. We got lunch and lounged and enjoyed this fabulous view.

A good chunk of our time was spent swimming and snorkeling at various lovely beaches.
One of my favorite activities we did was river tubing down Balthazar River. It's kind of a wimpy little river, but the guides splash you and make you jump off rocks and give you a good time. Plus, that scenery!
A highlight on the last evening was a bonfire on Grand Anse Beach. We made s'mores and met some new friends (there are so many new people on the island now!).
A quick walk on La Sagesse Beach on their "last" morning in Grenada. They actually wound up getting an extra morning when the people at the airport were the worst ever and made them miss their flight, but that's irrelevant I guess.
^^Jordan carrying a giant piece of bamboo. Bahaha!
^^You probably saw all about this in the video from the previous post. If not, go watch that video! This natural water slide was so fun.

I probably forgot lots of key events from their week here, buuuuut I'm going to publish this to the interwebs so I can get on with other posts. I'm so glad these goofs came to visit us! When your sister lives on a tropical island, you really have no choice but to visit, and I'm so happy they did. Thanks for sending them over, Mom and Dad! You're next!

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