You might be a med school wife if. . .

 you see an instagram caption that says, "I debated between making a classic fall wreath or a themed Halloween one," but you read it like it says, "I debated between making a classic fall wreath or a the-med Halloween one." And then you stare at the caption for a good 15 seconds trying to figure out what a "the med" wreath is and why you don't have one.

 your husband asks you how much time you want with him this evening and you just laugh and say, "ya, riiiiiiight" because you know it must be a cruel joke with only one pathetically small right answer. It is.

 you go to sleep with no one in your bed, and you wake up with no one in your bed, but there's a drool spot on the pillow next to yours so you know there must have been someone in your bed at some point during the night.

 your husband still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up, and neither do any of his classmates. Pediatrician? Surgeon? Urologist? Radiologist? There are a hundred options.

 you devote 10% of your grocery budget to various Cadbury chocolates to get you through the especially lonely evenings and to nibble on when you wake up at 2:00 a.m. from yet another nightmare about still being in med school at age 80.

 you have to bribe your man with back massages if you want anything non-school-related done, and then said back massages turn into anatomy review sessions.

 your student loan debt is bigger than the debt your friends are about to accrue by buying a full-on house.

 you know you'll make at least four major moves in the next decade, but you have no idea where any of those moves will take you, and you probably won't find out until two weeks before each move. Could be New York. Could be California. Could be the Bahamas. Wherever you go though, it's bound to be an adventure and give you waaaay more life experience than you ever would have hoped for before you married a medical school.


  1. Why DON'T you have a the-med wreath?? Haha, that was great. Also, gross, Jared drools. I miss you mucho!!

  2. Oh you are so funny :) Gosh that sounds so lonely!! Are you making any friends to spend your long lonely days with?? :/



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