Paintin and Golfin and Hammer Pantsin

I'm not feeling very wordy this morning (also, I'm on a roll with boxing up all our things for 2-year storage), so I'll mostly just leave you with a few final pictures from our weekend.

Highlights include my super comfy hammer pants from Dottie (this is a style that needs to make its way to America ASAP), sneaking up on Jared to watch him paint and tan (two things that I am not excellent at but my Arizona boy loves), and golfing (an activity that I probably should not be allowed to participate in, but that I thoroughly relish).

Jared is an artist. He would tell you he's not, but considering how good everything he paints looks and how much he  really loves to paint, he definitely is. He's always wanted to get into oil painting, so that was his aim this weekend. Unfortunately, he prefers to work alone so I was banished to the grouses after taking these pictures. Also unfortunately, he ran out of paint after he had his base colors down. Boo.
 Oh, the neck paint. And he says he's not an artist . . .
Golfing. Such an odd sport. I never understood how anyone could love it, until this weekend. Jared took me to a cheap, family-friendly golf course (this is key because otherwise I'm certain the professionals would have tired of our slow pace and started hitting balls at us in their boredom).

I think my batting average (Jared kept telling me to imagine it was a baseball) was something like .12, but when I did hit it, sparks flew every time. When Jared swung, balls flew into tall weeds and creeks and nearby yards every time. He clobbered me though.
I think everyone should try golfing at one point, even if only to drive the little cart around. Because really, that's the best part.


  1. Where did you guys go golfing? And was it really "cheap"?!

    1. We went to a golf course in Garden City by Bear Lake. I think the golfing was $20 a person (Jared tells me that's cheap . . . I actually have no idea :) ) for 9 holes. There was a bit of a golf cart fee on top of that, but apparently it was only $5.



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