Calling All Nuggets of Wisdom

I have two questions that I seek your advice on. I know that the combined total of all of your life experiences constitutes vastly more life experience than I myself have, so I'll ask away.

1. A fashion question. I haven't really gone clothes shopping for a year and I don't know where to find things anymore. Where are the best places for me to find knee-length shorts?? In my head I want shorts that are loose and flowy so they'll be comfortable (is that even a fashion that exists?), but of course bermuda shorts are fine too. Turns out it's all I'll want to wear in Grenada and I only have one pair. I thought about living in palazzo pants, but oh hey look, the yearly weather forecast! (and don't forget the average humidity of 90%)
Just look at those sweet little "cold" months. So tender.

2. A moving question. We really are having a hard time choosing housing from overseas, despite my post with some dreamy options. For those who have lots of experience with moving, should we try to choose a place now, before we can get to the island and actually see the places, or should we wait until we move and use our four days before school starts to find a place? Some real estate agents there have recommended the latter so we can check out the neighborhoods too, but we're a little worried about all the good places being taken. Thoughts?

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  1. Not my experience, but I had a friend who had a very difficult time finding a place ready to move into in Hawaii when her husband got a job there. Ask the real estate agents how much would be immediately available?

    Best of luck. Apartment hunting from a distance can be pretty terrible.



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